Costa commits to recycling coffee cups


Costa Coffee’s announcement that it will recycle coffee cups across its UK stores is a huge step in the right direction.

But with billions of cups still being chucked away and ending in landfill, there’s still a long way to go in the war-on-waste.

Friends of the Earth has been calling for non-recyclable coffee cups to be banned, and for consumers to be rewarded for taking in their own cup to coffee shops (pictured: our review of reusable coffee cups).

We launched a petition asking the government to:

  • reward us for taking our own mugs to a cafe
  • ban takeaway cups that can’t be recycled
  • force big coffee chains to provide recycling bins.

Let’s end coffee cup waste

As part of our campaign to end coffee cup waste, we met with Costa Coffee to discuss improving recycling and reducing landfill.

Most cups end up in landfill – fewer than 1 in 400 is recycled.

“Throwaway cups must become a thing of the past,” says Andrew Pendleton, Friends of the Earth Head of Campaigns.

“As part of our campaign, thousands of people have expressed their outrage that most coffee cups aren’t already recycled.”

Other chains should now follow Costa’s lead and make sure all their cups can be recycled.

And we need the government to make sure that wherever people buy their morning brew, they can do so without adding to the waste in our rivers and rubbish dumps.

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