WATCH: Blind USC long snapper drills a big 3-wood while playing at Top Golf


Jake Olson and USC fell to Ohio State on Friday in the Cotton Bowl, but earlier in the week Olson and his teammates went to Top Golf to show off their skills. Olson, who is a USC long snapper and is also legally blind, was impressive.

He picked up a 3-wood and hit a low, right-to-left rope toward the back net at the facility. This isn’t his first rodeo, either. Olson, who snapped an extra point in a game this season, played golf competitively before losing his eyesight because of retinoblastoma. Then he got better, according to his dad, after he lost it.

“There are people out there with perfect sight who can’t hit a golf ball,” he once said via Golf Digest. “For a blind person to even make solid contact, that’s absurd, right?”

It really is crazy. Check this out.

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