The Art of Doing Meaningful Work + Attracting Others To Do It Too with Becky Straw of The Adventure Project


becky straw

Do you have an idea on how to make positive change in the world, but are unsure of how to rally the troops and gain support?

Have you felt called to impact the world on a global level?

This is what Becky Straw felt after traveling the world and witnessing people in need of something: the opportunity to work and thrive. Becky is CEO of The Adventure Project. They are a non profit dedicated to giving people the tools, education and resources to become an entrepreneur, so they can serve their own communities.

Listen in as Becky talks about her journey which included helping to launch charity: water, living on her friends couches while she bootstrapped her business and answering some tough questions I asked regarding charity and poverty.

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“What people want most in the world, whether they’re born into poverty or live in a beautiful suburban community, is the opportunity to work.”

“Having a bold, audacious vision isn’t crazy, it’s necessary.”

“In Africa, right now, 36% of all wells are broken because there are no spare parts, no tools and no trained mechanics who know how to fix them.”

“What if the world took notice of what was really impactful, and really changing people’s lives in developing countries?”

“Positive change exists, and you can be part of that solution”

“You don’t need to be Bill Gates to fund the right work.”

“If we’re all working together for the same common good, we’re going to accomplish a lot”

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The Adventure Project

charity: water

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Semester at Sea


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