Steph Curry is playing some stellar golf amidst NBA Finals



We learned just how good Steph Curry is on a golf course in his impressive Tour debut last summer.

So if you thought the NBA Finals was going to stop him from honing his craft, guess again. The Golden State Warriors guard is a man on top of posting to his USGA Handicap Index and that remains the case in June.

Curry has posted three scores this month. It’s unclear the exact dates he played those rounds, but with the NBA Finals starting back on May 31, Curry has obviously been playing some golf during the series.

Good for him! Steve Kerr, Golden State’s head coach, has been known to actually encourage his players to head to the golf course if they think it will do good. So far, Curry has helped the Warriors amass a 3-0 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

It seems to be working then!

As for Curry’s scores in these three rounds, the 0.6 handicap has been playing quite well recently…

Some guys just have it all.

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