Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: New Fans • Songwriting Laws • Band Breakups • More


6a00d83451b36c69e201b8d291fefc970c-150wiThis week on MusicThinkTank, how to market your music to brand new fans, the seven laws of smart songwriting, how to pick up the pieces and make a new when your band breaks up, plus much more!

  • Brandon Jackson | 5 Ways To Market Your Music To New Fans
  • Vanessa Ferrer | How To Use Merch To Engage Your Fans
  • Tom Jager | 7 Laws For Smart Songwriting
  • Bandzoogle | What To Do After Your Band Breaks Up
  • MusicThinkTank | Streaming Is Killed The CD – And It’s OK
  • Daniel Matthews | 9 Great Resources For Musicians On The Move
  • Courtney Myers | Why Everyone Should Try An Instrument At Least Once

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