ECB considers counties' compensation payments


Worcestershire lost Joe Clarke (left) to Nottinghamshire at the end of the 2018 season, a year after losing Tom Kohler-Cadmore to Yorkshire

The England and Wales Cricket Board is intending to launch a compensation payment scheme to remunerate the poorer counties for the loss of academy-bred players to bigger clubs.

New Worcestershire chairman Fanos Hira is part of an ECB committee set up to bring in the legislation from 2020.

“If people leave, we need to be properly remunerated,” said Hira.

“One of the ECB committees I’ve sat on has been looking at a Development Compensation Payments scheme.”

He added: “One of the things in the past, when we’ve perhaps not paid players enough, or not invested in player welfare, and all the other issues that cause people to leave, is that we’ve developed talent and they’ve moved on.

“The recommendations, while approved, have yet to be formally implemented but it seems that our interests ought to be better protected going forward

“At the very least there seems to be genuine recognition that those counties who produce England qualified players, as well as we do, ought to be properly remunerated through a compensation system should players move on.

“We would expect this to be implemented in time for the 2020 season,” he told Worcestershire’s official website.