Conor McGregor left heartbroken after aunt dies of suspected coronavirus as UFC star pays emotional Instagram tribute


Conor McGregor has been left heartbroken after revealing that his aunt has tragically died of suspected coronavirus.

The UFC superstar took to Instagram to pay an emotional tribute to his ‘lovely’ relative, Anne Moore, following the shock news.

Conor McGregor has been left stunned after the family tragedy

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Conor McGregor has been left stunned after the family tragedy

“I was to announce to the world my @properwhiskey donation to @tunneltotowers,” the post began.

“A great day! A proud day, I brought my family with me to the studio.

“Sitting in the chair about to beam live to all the U.S morning talk shows, I get a phone call telling me that my lovely little auntie Anne had passed away. I couldn’t go live anymore.”

Addressing the deadly disease, the Irishman added: “My poor little friendly loving auntie. My mother’s sister. This stupid f**king virus. What the f**k is happening.

“I took my family to Bull Island. Looked out at the sea. Took a deep breath. Thank f**k! Lord thank you.

“Stay tight people! We are all we got. Rest in Peace Anne Moore I love you.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed over 5,000 lives worldwide.

To date there have been 90 confirmed cases in the Republic of Ireland, with two deaths recorded.

Schools, colleges and other public facilities are to close in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in the Republic, with McGregor weighing in with his views of the ‘stupid f**king virus’ on social media.

“Ireland you amazing, amazing country. I believe we have this virus contained,” he wrote.

“And through this containment, we actually may have gone and contained them all.

“The good habits we will have now gained from this wild covid-19 attack will see us too strong in future.

“Hand hygiene. Touching of own face hygiene. Consistent thorough cleaning of handled areas hygiene.

“What we should really be all doing anyway. I have always been on with my hand hygiene. But not enough.”

He continued: “If I think of all the people approaching to shake hands and what not. I often get people say to me please I don’t want a picture, just let me shake your hand.

“And I’m like yes friend thank you. As it’s more efficient than taking a full picture. But it’s too careless. And too frequent.

“Touching my own hand to my face as well. Too unaware of the frequency I’d do it. Until now.

“I’d train my ass off, to the point of low immunity. It’s inevitable with the intensity of the training.

“The immune system will be tested. I would float around in this manner, and always end up catching little colds and flus.

“I feel bullet proof right now though! I’m switched on like a motherfucker now.

“Stay vigilant on our personal hygiene people. And our personal space.

“God speed to us all. We are not there yet but we are well on our way.”


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