Andy Murray Hopes To Be Ready For 2018


Andy Murray Hopes To Be Ready For 2018

by Tom Gainey | November 8th, 2017, 11:19 am

Speaking in Glasgow after an exo match against Roger Federer last night, Andy Murray revealed he’s not 100% certain he’ll be ready to play in Brisbane to start 2018.

Murray has been out since Wimbledon due to a hip injury.

“I hope I’m there,” Murray said of playing in Australia. “Things have been going pretty well so far in the rehab but you just never know. You have setbacks and then things come on quite quickly as well. I’ve been training for a few weeks now. Some days I’ve felt great, some days not so good, but I’m getting there and I’ll come back when I’m ready and 100 percent fit.”

Federer agreed that Murray should take his time and not rush things.

Murray will also return to the U.S. again for another training block to start the year.

“My plan is to do a couple of weeks in Miami and then go to Australia very early, much earlier than I have done in the past,” Murray said. “Coming into the beginning of the new year I will be at a bit of a disadvantage because I have not played matches for a long time. So, if I can go there a bit earlier to get used to the conditions, a bit sooner than some of the other players, that might help level it up a bit.”

Of course Murray also has another family member to consider!